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Lead with self-assurance, elegance, and light-footedness instead of with struggle. The clarity you will acquire makes it easy to lead in an intelligent and efficient way that is open and empathic and generates profit with humaneness.  You and your co-workers will feel a sense of excitement, joy, commitment, and fulfillment in your work. The seminar introduces the Vision-Led Organization.


  • Generate high profit with humaneness
  • Create an atmosphere in which team members naturally put forth their creativity, commitment, and best skills
  • Understand young people’s attitudes and assumptions and how they show up in today’s workplace
  • Steer your team members’ thinking toward success through coaching
  • Work effectively with positive and negative feelings and deal constructively with stress
  • Boost empathy and tolerance in order to turn emotional problems into solutions
  • Reframe emotional resistance to change so that opportunity emerges
  • Strengthen your self-management skills to move surely through difficult situations
  • Orient your thinking toward success
  • Lead skillfully and decisively with a sense of joy and ease in your responsibilities


Leadership can be learned.  To lead others with self-assurance and ease, we need to learn about ourselves and about the people we are to guide. We need to know how people function cognitively and emotionally – in general and as individuals. Instead of getting caught up in details, we develop a clear, comprehensive picture of the whole person that allows us to lead in an intelligent and efficient way.  In an environment that is open and empathic, leaders and co-workers will have a sense of excitement, joy, commitment, and fulfillment in their work.

It is commonly assumed that a promotion to a leadership position automatically brings with it the ability to lead others skillfully.  This resembles the expectation that the birth of a child automatically bestows upon new parents the ability to raise the child in the best possible way.  These assumptions often fall flat.

Again and again disappointment, frustration, helplessness, and hopelessness show up, where we would so much like to generate and experience ease, joy, and excitement.  This level of leadership is attainable, however, because in this seminar leadership can be learned.


CEO’s, upper and middle management, business owners, self-employed persons, performing artists, sports professionals, anyone who is in or aspires to a leadership position.


The seminar is conducted on three consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  On the first and second evenings, all the participants will view movies illustrating the day’s topic.

Unlike traditional instruction, this seminar is designed to go beyond learning strategies.  Its unique goal is to produce a shift in the participants’ conceptual framework to access this extraordinary level of leadership.

To enhance this process, participants are urged to avoid interruptions from outside for the duration of the seminar and to keep the evenings free for the movies, for individual homework assignments, and for the review of the day’s material.


Dr. Warschawski holds a Ph.D. in Applied-Clinical Psychology from the University of Zurich as well as a Master of Arts in psychology and a Master of Education from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.  His academic positions have included professorships at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore Hebrew University (today Towson University).

Founder and president of DR. WARSCHAWSKI, LLC, he consults and coaches top management, as well as professional athletes and performing artists in the achievement of personal success.

His many years of business experience in Europe and the USA, together with his expertise in human potential and his years of practice as a contextual psychotherapist, allow him to train all the hard and soft skills for personal and professional success.  Challenging and compassionate, he enables participants and clients to develop their inner qualities that transform technical skills and “know how” into true mastery.

Working with Contextual Therapy founder Robert Shaw, M.D., Dr. Warschawski became one of the original proponents of Contextual Therapy and Coaching.  For over 30 years he has continuously developed this coaching orientation, and its establishment in the USA and Europe is due to his pioneer work in the field.

Dr. Warschawski developed the seminar LEAD WITH ELEGANCE, NOT STRUGGLE out of his vision to help leaders function on a level of leadership, achievement, and well-being that far exceeds the outcome of traditional training courses.  Challenging and compassionate, he enables participants and clients to develop those inner qualities that transform technical skills and “know how” into true mastery.

He is the originator of the concept of the Vision-Led Organization and designed the process for organizations to establish themselves as a Vision-traditional hierarchical organization.

Dr. Warschawski gives seminars and lectures in America and Europe and is a consultant, coach, and therapist on both continents.  He lives with his family in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

In German; Seminars are available in English on request