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Wolfram Mannherz, the owner of ERIMA, is at the helm of this Swabian company with a long tradition. He defines the company’s philosophy with the motto WINNING TOGETHER. Besides his personal values of Freedom, Fun, and Harmony, it is the success shared by the team that defines his leadership. It is very important to this entrepreneur to actually live these values within the company as well as outside the company with all those who have a relationship with ERIMA.

Having been in existence for over a century, ERIMA is an authentically German sports brand with tradition. Its headquarters are in Swabian Pfullingen near Stuttgart, with its subsidiaries located in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Its roughly 250 employees are responsible for the development, production, and sales of textiles and equipment made for all sports.

“I myself, as well as many of my employees, have been attending Prof. Warschawski’s seminars for many years. Turning my personal Vision into the company’s Vision has created a unified company culture in my spirit. In addition, we have created much more clarity about ERiMA’s goals and how to systematically pursue them.  This has contributed significantly to ERIMA’s success.”

Wolfram Mannherz
Owner and CEO, ERIMA GmbH, Pfullingen, Germany

Our Consulting

  • Established Vision Thinking among the company’s leadership
  • Clarified the company’s Vision and implemented it throughout the whole organization
  • Conducted employee survey and produced survey analysis to hold feedback talks with all employees
  • Put in place procedure to foster creative ideas and recommendations
  • Introduced Vision-oriented process for hiring new personnel
  • Established monthly Milestone Meetings and weekly Mini-Milestone-Meetings
  • Certified company as a Vision-Led Organization
  • Consulted leadership and management