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AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG,
IT Unit

AMAG IT is the Information Technology Unit of the AMAG Group, which is the Swiss Group of Companies of predominantly car dealerships under the umbrella of the Careal Holding AG. AMAG and its more than 5,400 employees passionately see to it that people are well on the road.

The VW Beetle, first imported in 1948, made car ownership affordable for an ever larger segment of the population. The company’s founder, Walter Hafner, foresaw all this, as well as the rapidly rising need for mobility due to the economic growth of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Thanks to his visionary power he was able to grow AMAG to become the largest Swiss car company. Today AMAG is an extensive and well positioned car sales company that sells high-end cars and assures their functionality in all situations.

“AMAG’s Information Technology Unit first encountered the concept of the Vision-led Organization in mid 2015 and immediately began to introduce and practice it with the dedicated help of the DR WARSCHAWSKI team. With the certification as a Vision-led Company in December 2016, my team of roughly 130 people and I had reached an important milestone in our company culture and our organizational development.

In this organizational world we had established a leadership style based on ambitious,    crystal clear goals and mutual support that allows the employees to express their own interests and ambitions in their work. We were able to create an atmosphere in which the employees find their fulfillment in being fully committed to doing exactly that which leads to the highest success.

As CIO of AMAG Automobil- and Motoren AG I can highly recommend the professional Coaching skills and services of Prof. Warschawski and his team at DR. WARSCHAWSKI.”

Marcel Patrick Freudiger
Former CIO and Member of the Corporate Management Board
AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG

Our Consulting

  • Established Vision Thinking among the company’s leadership
  • Clarified the company’s Vision and implemented it throughout the whole organization
  • Conducted employee survey and produced survey analysis to hold feedback talks with all employees
  • Put in place procedure to foster creative ideas and recommendations
  • Introduced Vision-oriented process for hiring new personnel
  • Established weekly Mini-Milestone-Meetings
  • Certified company as a Vision-Led Organization
  • Consulted leadership and management