Contextual Psychotherapy

Sets You Free!

If you are caught in unpleasant, distressful feelings such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict with your spouse, family members, professional colleagues, or you experience other disagreeable feelings, Contextual Therapy is the most efficient, satisfying, way to resolve them.

If you find yourself in such circumstances, you want an excellent, highly trained, experienced, professional, trustworthy therapist who practices cutting-edge therapy that allows you to free yourself from these limiting, painful circumstances and reestablish the sense of well-being in your life that you so long for.

Contextual Therapy is a direct, clear, and efficient process that produces a subtle change in context for the client, clearing the way for him to resolve his problem and achieve his desired result. Contextual Therapy’s power lies in examining the assumptions the client uses to give meaning to the events in his life.  Contextual Therapy creates therapeutic contexts that allow the client to see himself and reality in a way that uncovers new possibilities which include important, overlooked resources. When the client’s thinking shifts to a fitting context, problems turn into mere formalities that can easily be solved or simply lose their significance. The new thought construct makes it possible to elegantly dissolve what was formerly a problem.

Contextual Therapy is more than a technique.  It embodies movement towards the solution, as unexamined thoughts and assumptions that prevent a solution come to light and are replaced by useful assumptions.  It is a moving process as clients let go of the unconscious fog that clouds their view of the solution so that their path forward comes into clear focus.

The Contextual Therapist always works with the basic assumption that the client has all the resources within him to solve his problem and achieve his desired goals.  The client himself does not make this assumption initially.  Through the therapy process, the client progressively takes on this realization as he gets closer to seeing how he can resolve his problem and achieve his goal.

The hallmark of the Contextual Therapist is his unshakeable commitment to the client’s ability to resolve his problem and reach his goal.  The Contextual Therapist’s ability to facilitate profound psychotherapeutic movement is a function of his open and creative interactions rather than a function of a particular theory, method, or school of psychotherapy.  By not assigning determinant meaning to specific theories or techniques in themselves, but rather using them as useful tools where warranted, the Contextual Therapist works artfully towards the creation of a context in which the client can successfully utilize his own abilities and faculties.  The Contextual Therapist takes full responsibility for the creation of this individualized context, and the client is empowered to take full responsibility for the extraordinary and astonishing results it makes possible.

Contextual Therapy is fast and efficient.  Sessions are goal and solution oriented and are held in a friendly and empathic atmosphere. The interaction enables clients to quickly recognize the unexamined notions and ideas that have kept them from solving the problem and achieving their goals, and enables them to replace those with useful thoughts and strategies for success.

Contextual Therapy was established by Robert Shaw, M.D., a psychiatrist and family therapist and former faculty member of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.  It has been practiced in the USA since the 1980’s and is being continuously refined by Prof. Dr. Peter Warschawski.  It is rapidly gaining recognition in Europe as the therapeutic modality that quickly produces elegant solutions to clients’ problems.  The Contextual Therapist embodies expert knowledge and experience, professionality, and respect for the three guiding principles of Freedom, Responsibility, and Ethics.

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