Vision-Led Organization Consulting


The Vision-led Organization is a brilliant, ingenious, progressive, innovative, and entrepreneurial model, that generates increased profit in an environment characterized by high human values. It assures that your organization will continue to exist and thrive in times of rapid change.

Through our consulting you consider the changed conditions of the work world and provide the fulfillment people seek today. Team members enjoy their responsibilities, feel valued, connected, and bring their whole selves to the job. A Vision-led Organization gives leadership and employees a sense of orientation, stability, and security in a time when the pace of change is daunting.

With a Vision-led Organization you are a pioneer in the leadership of people and organizations.  You greatly increase your attractiveness for the most talented workforce, and significantly increase your profit and market share.

A Vision-led Organization is marked by the intrinsic moral quality of its people and the way they work together.  The leadership and the personnel are passionate, self-directed, and ethical, and they act – individually and together – with responsibility and freedom.  Because the organization’s Vision permeates the environment, everyone identifies with the company’s purpose and its goals, and they happily put all their talents and skills to work in the service of achieving the goals and fulfilling the purpose.

Organizations that have taken this elegant and profitable step with us go from being hierarchically-led to being Vision-led.  They report increased innovation and creativity, more efficient work processes, more transparency, clear areas of responsibility, and increasing revenue and profit in a harmonious work environment where people work with intrinsic motivation.

People love to know what is going on. The clearly defined Company Vision and goals give both the leadership and the employees a sense of unwavering orientation and security. In the Vision-led organization everyone knows the destination and what each person needs to contribute along the way.

A Vision-led Organization does just what attracts the most interesting, creative, and responsible people of today. It speaks to these people and supports them in bringing all their knowledge, skills, experience, creativity, and passion to the table for the benefit of the organization as well as for their own benefit.

To make this possible, employees are asked about their goals, wishes, and ideas, because only people who feel that they are taken seriously as who they are, are willing to identify with the organization and to give their very best.  In the Vision-led Organization everyone is available to everyone. Communication is clear, open, and respectful, so goals can be achieved together. Goals achieved strengthen self-esteem and set huge amounts of energy free for further achievement.

For personnel to perform at a higher level than simply “according to rule,” they must get esteem and appreciation. Employees do an excellent job when they feel noticed and valued for what they do.  Recognition is a fundamental performance booster, and appreciation contributes greatly to added value. In a Vision-led Organization the leadership is truly interested in the employees, recognizes their work, is friendly, respectful, and sympathetic. The Vision-led Organization expects and fosters intrinsic motivation in all personnel.  This kind of motivation arises from the inner interest of a person, which motivates him or her to pursue success.

In a Vision-led Organization leadership no longer has to concern itself with motivating personnel, because employees do the work that they themselves find interesting and meaningful and that forwards the development of their own competence. Should this no longer be true, employees can change their position or function within the company, according to their own wishes. If this does not yield the desired result, employees are assisted and supported in leaving the organization to find other employment which is fulfilling for them.

The Vision-led Organization has motivated and fulfilled employees who remain with the company for a long time and also recommend the company to the outside. This tendency effortlessly creates a recruiting-recommendation and efficiency program. Long term employees do not have to be replaced, and the organization increases its attractiveness, so more interesting and creative employees apply for positions unbidden. The money saved for costly personnel search can be invested in other projects.

Only happy employees work in a Vision-led Organization, and their positive emotions allow them to work playfully – at ease and open to new developments.  They feel that their work is meaningful, which is one of the strongest motivators.  When people experience meaning, they not only have a more intense sense of success, but they also weather difficulties much better. The fulfillment people experience in a Vision-led Organization spreads throughout their whole life – and people do look for happiness in both their work life and their private life. When employees love their work, they are also happier in their private life.  Happy employees are more engaged and more productive.

Lead your organization to its greatest success by actively including your employees as partners in the achievement of your goals.  They will draw on and put out all their talents and skills with joy in the achievement of the goal, because they know that their professional, technical, creative, and social competencies were needed, encouraged, and ultimately made a difference.

Do you want to know more about the Vision-led Organization? We are happy to share our impressive experiences with you and will be glad to assist you in taking the elegant step from a hierarchically led organization to the Vision-led Organization.

Out of love for the goal!

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