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is the world’s leader in the area of creasing systems for the packaging industry.  The company has its roots in a box making company founded in 1906 and is known to be one of the know-how experts in the manufacturing of packaging made of paper, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard. It supplies corrugated board converters, display producers, folding box companies, die makers, and printing companies on all continents. CITO’s team offers intelligent solutions through its commitment, innovation, and competence, solutions that lead to the optimization of their clients’ processes

About 20 years ago I met Professor Dr. Warschawski when I attended his seminar “Surpassing Your Limits.”  With his help I was able to surpass my limits I had at that time.  After attending the seminar, I decided to enroll in a Masters’ program, from which I graduated in 2006 with highest honors. By surpassing my own limits, I was able to grow from employee to majority shareholder and CEO of the CITO Group that comprises eight companies in Europe.

In spite of my personal success story, I initially did not fully understand how one can turn a company into a Vision-Led Organization. Trusting Prof. Warschawski, I embarked on this endeavor together with my leadership team. Our Vision was planted in our organization, and today I can see on a daily basis how our whole team follows this Vision with passion resulting in our goals becoming reality.  I want to thank Dr. Warschawski’s team from the bottom of my heart for their support, and in particular I thank Prof. Warschawski for his great patience with one who is notoriously impatient.

Jürgen Mariën
Majority Shareholder and CEO
D-90571 Schwaig

Our Consulting

  • Established Vision Thinking among the company’s leadership
  • Clarified the company’s Vision and implemented it throughout the whole organization
  • Conducted employee survey and produced survey analysis to hold feedback talks with all employees
  • Put in place procedure to foster creative ideas and recommendations
  • Introduced Vision-oriented process for hiring new personnel
  • Established annual Retreat and permanent monthly Milestone Meetings
  • Established weekly Mini-Milestone-Meetings
  • Consulted leadership and management
  • Consulted to establish leadership succession and company expansion