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Your Advantage

With little conscious input from you, your thoughts shape your life – both professionally and personally.  In order to reach increasingly higher levels of success and satisfaction, you need to know how thinking works and how you can work with your thought process to break through your personal constraints and self-imposed limits.  As you become familiar with the world of Contextual Thinking, you develop the cognitive skills you need to uncover new possibilities to reach your goals.  You learn how to function on a superior level and produce consistently extraordinary results without increasing your effort.  Lastly, you discover your own personal Vision and learn how to apply it for your own and others’ greatest advantage and enjoyment of life


  • The key role of Vision and Goals in your success
  • How the cognitive process unfolds – how you and others think
  • How to use problems to create opportunities and produce extraordinary results
  • How to communicate effectively with others to create successful relationships with bosses, partners, staff, clients, and others
  • How to handle positive and negative feelings and deal constructively with stress
  • How to increase your effectiveness without increasing your effort and eliminate burnout
  • What your own personal Vision is and how to apply it to generate personal and professional success, fulfillment, and well-being throughout life


Often leaders, who are otherwise successful in every way, suddenly encounter psychological and practical limits which they cannot explain.  These limits do not seem to reflect a decline of personal skills like communication, persuasiveness, or inventiveness, but rather an inability to improve these skills enough to break through to the next level.  The ceiling seems to have been reached terms of quality and quantity.

In this seminar you learn how to surpass these limits. For the most part they are of our own making – they exist as a result of our way of thinking.  Everything we do, that leads to either success or failure, is driven by our thinking.  Yet our awareness of our thoughts is so minimal that our ability to influence them is miniscule and random. Learning how we think and how to recognize the thoughts that set our limits allows us to surpass them and generate new possibilities to reach the desired result.

Your success is not a whim of circumstance.  It is also not only the result of knowledge, skill, or technique – though these are essential tools.  What your success rests on is your ability to develop and apply your cognitive awareness and fashion your personal stance in a way that enables you to get what you want.

In this seminar you develop this awareness and learn how you can open up a world of new possibilities beyond anything you have imagined so far.  You will be able to function naturally on a superior level and produce consistently extraordinary results in your professional life.  You will be able to dramatically increase the potency of your work, whatever your field, your approach, or your technique.  You will develop the insight and awareness you need to create the change that allows you to surpass your self-imposed limits.


CEO’s, upper and middle management, business owners, self-employed persons, artists, sports professionals, people intent on living an extraordinary life.


The seminar is conducted on three consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. During lunch the participants work in small groups on a specific assignment.  The evenings are used for individual homework assignments and review of the material.

Unlike traditional seminars, courses, or workshops, this seminar is designed to go beyond conventional learning strategies.  Its unique goal is to produce a shift in the participants’ point of view and conceptual framework in order to reach the extraordinary.

To enhance this process, the participants are urged to avoid interruptions from outside for the duration of the seminar and to keep the evenings free for the individual homework assignments and for the review of the day’s material.


Dr. Warschawski holds a Ph.D. in Applied-Clinical Psychology from the University of Zurich as well as a Master of Arts in psychology and a Master of Education from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.  His academic positions have included professorships at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore Hebrew University (today Towson University).

Founder and president of DR. WARSCHAWSKI, LLC, he consults and coaches top management, as well as professional athletes and performing artists in the achievement of personal success.

His many years of business experience in Europe and the USA, together with his expertise in human potential and his years of practice as a contextual psychotherapist, allow him to train all the hard and soft skills for personal and professional success.  Challenging and compassionate, he enables participants and clients to develop their inner qualities that transform technical skills and “know how” into true mastery.

Dr. Warschawski created the seminar SURPASSING YOUR LIMITS to help successful people function on a level of achievement and well-being far beyond the outcome of traditional training courses.

Working with Contextual Therapy founder Robert Shaw, M.D., Dr. Warschawski became one of the original proponents of Contextual Therapy and Coaching.  For over 30 years he has continuously developed this coaching orientation, and its establishment in the USA and Europe is due to his pioneer work in the field.

He is the originator of the concept of the Vision-Led Organization and personally designed the process for organizations to establish themselves as a Vision-Led Organization – either from a startup position or as a conversion from a traditional hierarchical organization.

Dr. Warschawski gives seminars and lectures in America and Europe and is a consultant, coach, and therapist on both continents.  He maintains a private practice for contextual psychotherapy and contextual coaching in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where he lives with his family.

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