The vision of every person in a relationship is love, joy, friendship, and harmony.  Yet we often find ourselves caught in conflict, ill will, or a sense of hopelessness.  In this seminar you develop the understanding and the skills to recreate the partnership you originally wanted – or one even better!

Learning and working together with your partner you will discover:

  • how to notice limiting assumptions by becoming aware of thoughts, feelings, and actions that keep you from creating your relationship the way you would like it to be
  • how to be pro-active in your relationship by understanding your own role as partner so you can nurture and grow your relationship
  • how to go beyond the ordinary in a relationship by making it one that empowers rather than one that constricts, one that you continuously create rather than one that repeats all the yesterdays
  • how to benefit from the synergy between a fulfilling relationship and professional success 

The skills on which a fulfilling relationship are based are the same skills that are most sought after and expected of people in leadership positions!


  • Understand each other and feel understood
  • Increase openness and decrease resistance
  • Give and receive respect and esteem
  • Balance power and freedom
  • Strengthen togetherness
  • Promote joy, fun, and passion in your relationship
  • Implement self-management skills that optimize your relationship
  • Incorporate these skills in your professional life so you can work easily and confidently with others toward achieving your goals


Create the relationship you long for out of the relationship you have!

Successful people only feel truly successful when their professional success is paired with a fulfilling relationship.  Yet their relationship often gets short changed because they think they have to choose between their professional and private lives.  Despite their professional success, many people feel a personal inner tension or emptiness and describe their relationship as unsatisfying or lacking in joy.

Yet joy is the starting point for any successful career.  Every successful job starts with joy.  Research findings show that happy people are more successful; they achieve things easily where others struggle.  

Happiness is based on the essential elements of life: love, affection, caring, and the chance to make a difference.  Nowhere in human life are these elements more intensely experienced than in our relationship.

That’s why our relationship brings us such extreme joy – and sometimes such deeply felt sorrow.  When it’s working we can move mountains.  When it’s limping we feel powerless and lost.  Our relationship is the be-all and end-all of our existential happiness.

Top managers and team leaders are aware that anyone who is distracted by private problems drains time and energy out of the company.  On the other hand, each person who brings joy and support from home to work raises the power and effectiveness of his or her work. 

Long-term studies from kindergarten to boardroom show that we have within us the most important skills for extraordinary success.  These so-called soft skills – common to a truly successful manager or a partner in a fulfilling relationship – include:

  • Communication – understanding and being understood
  • Conflict resolution – increasing openness and decreasing defensiveness
  • Team building – creating cohesion
  • Delegation of responsibility – balancing power and freedom
  • Dedication – increasing verve, fun, and joy
  • Mattering – giving and receiving respect and esteem

In this seminar you learn all of these qualities which grow – unlike intelligence – with experience, practice, and maturity.


Entrepreneurs, managers in leadership positions of top and middle management, and their spouses or life partners.  Anyone who wants exceptional quality in his or her relationship, regardless of the current level of the relationship. 


The seminar is conducted on three consecutive days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  It consists of a steady exchange of the seminar leaders’ presentations and the participants’ contributions, alternating with practical exercises for each couple. In addition to providing information and know-how, the seminar shows you how to shift your stance towards your partner in order to achieve the goals of the relationship. There is absolutely no requirement for anyone to divulge any sort of intimacies.


Dr. Warschawski holds a Ph.D. in Applied-Clinical Psychology from the University of Zurich as well as a Master of Arts in psychology and a Master of Education from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.  His academic positions have included professorships at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore Hebrew University (today Towson University). 

Founder and president of DR. WARSCHAWSKI, LLC, he consults and coaches top management, as well as professional athletes and performing artists in the achievement of personal success.

His many years of business experience in Europe and the USA, together with his expertise in human potential and his years of practice as a contextual psychotherapist, allow him to train all the hard and soft skills for personal and professional success.  Challenging and compassionate, he enables participants and clients to develop their inner qualities that transform technical skills and “know how” into true mastery.

Working with Contextual Therapy founder Robert Shaw, M.D., Dr. Warschawski became one of the original proponents of Contextual Therapy and Coaching.  For over 30 years he has continuously developed this coaching orientation, and its establishment in the USA and Europe is due to his pioneer work in the field.

He is the originator of the concept of the Vision-Led Organization and personally designed the process for organizations to establish themselves as a Vision-Led Organization – either from a startup position or as a conversion from a traditional hierarchical organization. 

Dr. Warschawski developed the seminar THE FULFILLING RELATIONSHIP together with his wife out of his vision to enable couples to function on the level of achievement, fun, joy, harmony, and well-being that they have always wanted and hoped for in their relationship. The seminar far exceeds the outcome of traditional training courses, enabling couples to rediscover and refocus on the beauty and strength of their relationship. 

Dr. Warschawski gives seminars and lectures in America and Europe and is a consultant, coach, and therapist on both continents.  He maintains a private practice for contextual psychotherapy and contextual coaching in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where he lives with his family.

Rosemary Warschawski completed her Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD with distinction.  She is the co-founder of the Achievement Consulting Firm, DR. WARSCHAWSKI, LLC, where she is active in the conception, presentation, and marketing of the firm’s services.

She works as co-leader of top management seminars on topics of communication, performance, motivation, and partnership relations.  Seminar participants especially appreciate Mrs. Warschawski’s unique ability to connect with them in a way that facilitates their individual and personal commitment to the seminars’ concepts.

In addition to her activities as an editor and PR consultant, Rosemary Warschawski is active on many organizational boards where she has been either chair or member of Planning, Fundraising, and/or Marketing Committees.

Because she enjoys and is committed to continuing adult education, for years she has been a popular lecturer in the community forum, “For Women by Women” in Baltimore and has presented lectures to women’s organizations in Switzerland and Germany on the topic of Tolerance.

As a very “hands on” mother she spent several years as president of the Parent Teacher’s Association – in addition to being a member of the board – of her children’s private school in Baltimore.

She continues her dedication to education in her current work as a founding and ongoing board member of the new, innovative, and very successful private school attended by a number of her grandchildren. In addition she serves on the school’s marketing and development committees.

Rosemary Warschawski lives in her native Baltimore.  She has been married with Dr. Warschawski for over 52 years.  They have three married children between the ages of 37 and 47 and nine grandchildren between the ages of two and 13.

PLEASE NOTE: The price is PER COUPLE, not per person.

In German; Seminars are available in English on request